Tockenham Village Fair

                  The picturesque village of Tockenham is holding its sparkling summer fair.

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The History of Tockenham Village Fair

Tockenham Summer Fair is proudly celebrating over 80 years of excellent fairs.

The earliest known date of the Tockenham Fete is 1938, held during the Second World War in the Rectory garden under the watchful eye of the renowned character Reverend Cooper and his young wife Cecily.  It continued there until 1952 when the Reverend died at the grand old age of 103 after remarkably remaining the Rector of the parish until his retirement two years earlier.  In those days, the Fete had similar games and stalls as it does today; however, it carried on into the evening when the farmers, who had finished their duties, gathered to play darts and enter a bowling competition for the much sought after prize of a live pig.  Profits were given to the Red Cross.

In 1952 the Fete moved to Meadow Court until the owner Miss Harford sold the house in 1966.  It subsequently was held for a number of years at Shaw Farm before returning to Meadow Court from 1979 to 1998 under the guidance of Mr & Mrs Peter Blond.  During that time a live band was introduced along with a variety of new games (apparently, their swimming pool was used with some very amusing waterborne challenges).  A printed programme, sponsored by local advertisers, was also first produced.

Cecily Cooper, the widow of Reverend Cooper, who remained a stalwart supporter of the village, was aware that St. Gilesí Church was in need of funds.  At her urging, it was decided future proceeds from the Fete would be shared between the Church, the Village Hall and nominated charities.  Cecily passed away at the age of 92.  Her legacy to St. Gilesí Church and her charitable spirit live on in our community.

The Fete moved to Greenway Farm from 1999 through 2005 where the owners Angus and Nancy Ivory introduced pony and wagon rides amongst other activities.  In 2006 the Ivoryís retired and the Fete moved to the middle of the village spreading across Orchard Lane, the Playground, the Village Hall and St. Gilesí Church where the ladies of the village organised the now traditional flower festival.

The Fete, recently renamed the Tockenham Summer Fair, remains the main fund raising event of the year for the village with the profits continuing to be shared between the Village Hall, St. Gilesí Church and selected charities.